Nicole/18/Writer of SKSK

Beanie – Julian’s 
Top – Topshop
Bag – American Apparel
Tights – AvantGarde Harajuku
Shoes – Taobao

Like any other music lover, I enjoy geekily displaying my taste in music to the world and band t-shirts are a staple part of my waredrobe. I’m a big sucker for anything with the band Gorillaz on it (Jaime Helwett is <3). The t-shirt by itself is pretty plain, but with the right accessories I’ve spruced up an otherwise simple outfit – and looking like one of Murdoc Niccal’s groupies in the process (I swear that wasn’t that I was going for though).

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that music and fashion go hand in hand. I’m really into The Horrors at the moment and thus have developed an affinity towards the colour black and an impulse to splurge on Underground winklepickers. (But they’re really fabulous shoes!). What are some of the musicans whose styles have inspired you?