Aserett/23 Whole outfit – Angelic Pretty Bag – Summer Aserett is a sweet lolita we came across on the way to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s concert. She is wearing a coordinate featuring Angelic Pretty’s… Continue reading


 Sumy/15/Student | Philip/15/Student A cute and shy couple in matching denim outfits and backpacks that was strolling around waiting for the concert to start.


 Valerie Tang/22/Student Top – Harajuku  Jumper – Tutuanna Accessories – Harajuku Shoes – Converse Socks – Tutuanna Hat – Online Bag – Taiwan  Valerie is a sweet looking and friendly girl that we… Continue reading


Kelly Konomi/Fashion Blogger Dress – Jouetie Shoes – New Look We met Kelly at Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s concert. She was also filming with Harajuku Kawaii TV that day. We look forward to the… Continue reading


Julian/20/Student Vest – Zara Bag – Zara Shirt – A-Lot Necklace – Eclectro Hat – H&M Shoes – Thrifted


Nicole/18/Writer of SKSK Blouse – Thrifted Jumper Skirt – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Headbow – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tights – G2? Shoes – Taobao Eyeball Clips – Kreepsville666

KAT #13 – AIKO

Arishige Aiko (Patricia) /20/ Fashion Student Top – Blue Bunny 1987 Bottom – RNB Accessories – Bugis Street and Scape Market Bag – MCJH Shoe – Adidas   Aiko is a fashion student… Continue reading

Kat #11 – MIMI/AKEMI

Akemi/24/Sales Executive Outfit – Harajuku School Girl  Mimi/Akemi is a friendly gyaru that we spotted inside of Scape wandering around alone. She is also a cosplayer and are friends with one of our… Continue reading

Kat #10: WEISHAN

Weishan/21/Student Top – ASOS Bottom – Online Shoes – Dr. Martens

Kat #9: HYEWON

Hyewon Necklace – H&M Jacket – Korea Sunglasses – Super